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Unit 56. I/me/my/mine

Unit 56. I/me/my/mine Unit 56. I/me/my/mine
  I etc. me etc. my etc. mine etc.
Unit 56. I I know Tom. Tom knows me. It's my car. It's mine.
Unit 56. We We know Tom. Tom knows us. It's our car. It's ours.
Unit 56. You You know Tom. Tom knows you. It's your car. It's yours.
Unit 56. He He know Tom. Tom knows him. It's his car. It's his.
Unit 56. She She know Tom. Tom knows her. It's her car. It's hers.
Unit 56. They They know Tom. Tom knows them. It's their car. It's theirs.
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- ‘Do you know that man?’ ‘Yes, I know him but I can't remember his name.’
- She was very happy because we invited her to stay with us at our house.
- ‘Where are the children? Have you seen them?’ ‘Yes, they are playing with their friends in the garden.’
- That pen is mine. Can you give it to me, please?
- ‘Is this your umbrella?’ ‘No, it's yours.’
- He didn't have an umbrella, so she gave him hers. (= she gave her umbrella to him)
- I gave him my address and he gave me his. (= he gave his address to me)
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