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Unit 57. myself/yourself/himself etc.

Unit 57. myself/yourself/himself etc.
I -> me ->   myself   I looked at myself.  
he him   himself He himself.  
she her   herself She herself.  
you you yourself. You yourself. (one person)
yourselves. You yourselves. (two or more people)
we us   ourselves We ourselves  
they them   themselves They themselves  

- I cut myself with a knife. (not ‘I cut me’)
- She fell off her bicycle but she didn't hurt herself.
- Do you sometimes talk to yourself when you are alone?
- If you want some more food, help yourselves.
- Did they pay for themselves or did you pay for them?
- ‘Did you all have a nice time?’ ‘Yes, we enjoyed ourselves.’
- I went on holiday by myself. (= I went on holiday alone.)
- She wasn't with her friends. She was by herself.
- I looked at myself and Tom looked at himself.
= We looked at ourselves (in the mirror).
I looked at Tom and he looked at me.
= We looked at each other.
Unit 57. myself/yourself/himself etc.
- Jill and Ann are good friends. They know each other very well.
(= Jill knows Ann and Ann knows Jill.)
- Paul and I live near each other.
(= Paul lives near me and I live near him.)
Unit 57. myself/yourself/himself etc.
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