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Unit 55. Whose is this? It’s mine.

Whose is this? It’s mine.

I -> my -> mine
we -> our -> ours
you -> your -> yours
he -> his -> his
she -> her -> hers
they -> their -> theirs
It's my money.
It's our money.
It's your money.
It's his money.
It's her money.
It's their money.
  It's mine.
It's ours.
It's yours.
It's his.
It's hers.
It's theirs.
- My hands are cold.
- Is this your book?
- Ann gave me her umbrella.
- It's their problem, not our problem. - These books are mine but this newspaper is yours. (= your newspaper)
- I didn't have an umbrella, so Ann gave me hers. (= her umbrella)
- It's their problem, not ours. (= our problem)
- ‘Is that their car?’ ‘No, theirs is green.’ (= their car) - Is this his camera?
- It's a nice camera. Is it his? - I went out to meet a friend of mine. (not ‘a friend of me’)
- Are those people friends of yours? (not ‘friends of you’) - Whose book is this? (= Is it your book? his book? my book? etc.)

You can use whose with or without a noun:

Whose money is this?
Whose is this?
bracket to table It's mine.   Whose …?
Whose shoes are these?
Whose are these?
bracket to table They're John's.
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