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Unit 25. When I do / When I've done When and if
(использование оборотов when I do, when I've done, when, if)

Study this example situation:
A: What time will you phone me tomorrow?
B: I'll phone you when I get home from work.
"I'll phone you when I get home from work" is a sentence with two parts:
the main part:
the when-part:
"I'll phone you"
"when I get home from work (tomorrow)"
The time in the sentence is future ("tomorrow") but we use a Present tense (get) in the when-part of the sentence.
We do not use will in the when-part of the sentence:
  • We'll go out when it stops raining. (not when it will stop)
  • When you are in London again, you must come and see us. (not when you will be)
  • (said to a child) What do you want to be when you grow up? (not will grow)

The same thing happens after: while   before   after    as soon as   until or till You can also use the Present Perfect (have done) after when / after / until / as soon as: It is often possible to use the Present Simple or the Present Perfect:
  • I'll come as soon as I finish.
  • You'll feel better after you have something to eat.
I'll come as soon as I've finished.
You'll feel better after you've had something to eat.
But do not use the Present Perfect if two things happen together. The Present Perfect shows that one thing will be complete before the other (so the two things do not happen together). Compare: After if, we normally use the Present Simple (if I do / if I see etc.) for the future: Compare when and if:
We use when for things which are sure to happen: We use if (not when) for things that will possibly happen: See Unit 37. If I do … and If I did …
(использование оборотов If I do … и If I did …).
See Unit 38. If I knew … I wish I knew …
(использование оборотов If I knew … и I wish I knew …).
See Unit 39. If I had known … I wish I had known …
(использование оборотов If I had known … и I wish I had known …).
See Unit 111. Even
(использование even).
See Unit 114. As if
(использование оборота As if).
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