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Unit 24. Will be doing and will have done
(использование will be doing и will have done)

Study this example situation:
Kevin loves football and this evening there is a big football match on television. The match begins at 7.30 and ends at 9.15. Paul wants to see Kevin the same evening and wants to know what time to come to his house.
PAUL: Is it all right if I come at about 8.30?
KEVIN: No, I'll be watching the football then.
PAUL: Well, what about 9.30?
KEVIN: Fine. The match will have finished by then.

"I will be doing something" (Future Continuous) = I will be in the middle of doing something. The football match begins at 7.30 and ends at 9.15. So during this time, for example at 8.30, Kevin will be watching the match. Another example: Compare will be (do)ing and will (do): Compare will be -ing with other continuous forms: We also use will be doing in a different way: to talk about complete actions in the future: In these examples will be -ing is similar to the Present Continuous for the future. (See Unit 19. Present tenses (I am doing/ I do) for the future (использование настоящих времен для будущего).)
You can use Will you be -ing …? to ask about somebody's plans, especially if you want something or want them to do something. For example: We use will have (done) (Future Perfect) to say that something will already be complete. Kevin's football match ends at 9.15. So after this time, for example at 9.30, the match will have finished. Some more examples: Compare will have (done) with other perfect forms: See Unit 119. By and until   By the time …
(использование оборотов by, until, by the time).
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