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Unit 59. a/an
(неопределенный артикль)

Unit 59. a/an
- Do you want a cup of tea? (not “Do you want cup of tea?”)
- Alice works in a bank. (not “in bank”)
- I want to ask a question. (not “ask question”)
- When I was a child, I liked reading stories.
- Birmingham is a large city in central England.
- They live in an old house. (not “a old house.”)
- A mouse is an animal. It's a small animal.
- Can you give me an example, please?
- This is an interesting book.
- I bought a hat and an umbrella.
also an hour (h is not pronounced: an (h)our)
but a university a European country
  (these words are pronounced “yuniversity”, “yuropean”)

- “What's your job?”
“I'm a dentist.” (not “I'm dentist.”)
- “What does she do?” “She's an engineer.”
- Would you like to be a teacher?
- Beethoven was a composer.
- Picasso was a famous painter.
- Are you a student?
Unit 59. a/an

- Can I have another cup of coffee?
- Open another window. It's very hot.
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