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Unit 60. flower/flowers (singular and plural)
(существительные в единственном и множественном числе)

singular (= one)
a flower
a week
a baby
a nice place
-> plural (= two or more)
some flowers
six weeks
two babies
many nice places
Spelling of plural endings     see Appendix 4 (4.1 & 4.2):
-es after -s/-sh/-ch/-x:  
      bus -> buses dish -> dishes church -> churches box -> boxes
    also potato -> potatoes tomato -> tomatoes
-y -> -ies:  
      baby -> babies party -> parties dictionary -> dictionaries
    but -ay -> -ays / -ey -> -eys / -oy -> -oys / -uy -> -uys
      day -> days monkey -> monkeys boy -> boys guy -> guys
-f/-fe -> -ves  
      shelf -> shelves knife -> knives wife -> wives
These things are plural in English:
- Do you wear glasses?
- I need the scissors. Where are they?

a pair of scissors a pair of jeans a pair of tights etc.

- I need a new pair of jeans.
- I need some new jeans. (but not “a new jeans”)
a man
a child
one foot
a mouse
a sheep
-> two men
many children
two feet
some mice
two sleep
  a woman
a tooth
a fish
-> some women
all my teeth
many fish

also: a person -> two people / some people / many people etc.

- She's a nice person. but They are nice people. (not “nice persons”)
- Some people are very stupid. (not “Some people is”)

Police is a plural word:

- The police are coming. (not “The police is coming.”)
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