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Unit 16. Have you ever …? (Present Perfect 2)
(настоящее совершенное время 2)

See Unit 15 I have done (Present Perfect 1)
Unit 16. Have you ever …? (Present Perfect 2)

We use the Present Perfect have been/ have played/ have done etc. when we talk about a time from the past until now - for example, your life:
Unit 16. Have you ever …? (Present Perfect 2)

- "Have you been to France?" (in your life) "No, I haven't."
- I've been to Canada but I haven't been to the United States.
- She is an interesting person. She has done many different jobs and has visited many countries.
- I've seen that woman before but I can't remember when.
- How many times has Brazil won the World Cup?
- "Have you read this book?" "Yes, I've read it twice." (= two times)
You can use the Present Perfect + ever (in questions) and never:
- "Has Ann ever been to Australia?" "No, never."
- "Have you ever played golf?" "Yes, once." (= one time)
- My mother has never travelled by air.
- I've never ridden a horse.
gone and been
Unit 16. Have you ever …? (Present Perfect 2) Unit 16. Have you ever …? (Present Perfect 2)
He's gone to Spain.
(= he is in Spain now)
He's been to Spain.
(= he went to Spain but now he is back)

- I can't find Susan. Where has she gone? (= Where is she now?)
- Oh, hello, Susan. I was looking for you. Where have you been?
See Unit 19 I have done (Present Perfect) and I did (Past Simple)
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