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Unit 15. I have done (Present Perfect I)
(настоящее совершенное время 1)

Unit 15. I have done (Present Perfect I)
His shoes are dirty.
Unit 15. I have done (Present Perfect I)
He is cleaning his shoes.
Unit 15. I have done (Present Perfect I)
He has cleaned his shoes.
(= his shoes are clean now)
Unit 15. I have done (Present Perfect I)
They are at home.
Unit 15. I have done (Present Perfect I)
They are going out.
Unit 15. I have done (Present Perfect I)
They have gone out.
(= his are not at home now)

has cleaned/ have gone etc. is the Present Perfect (have/ has + Past Participle*):
I bracket to table have ('ve)
have not (haven't)
we finished
you done
they been
he bracket to table has ('s)
has not (hasn't)
she taken
it begun
have another bracket to table I cleaned?
we finished?
you done?
they been?
has another bracket to table he bought?
she taken?
it begun?

We use the Present Perfect for an action in the past with a result now:
- I've lost my passport. (= I can't find my passport now)
- She's (= she has) gone to bed. (= she is in bed now)
- We've bought a new car. (= we have a new car now)
- It's Kay's birthday tomorrow and I haven't bought her a present.
- "Bob is on holiday." "Oh, where has he gone?"
- "Are they still having dinner?" "No, they've finished."
* The Past Participle of regular verbs is -ed:
clean → have cleaned finish → have finished stop → have stopped
The Past Participle of irregular verbs is sometimes the same as
the Past Simple and sometimes different. For example:
the same: lose → have lost make → have make have → have had
different: do → have done see → have seen write → have written
For a list of irregular past participles see:
Appendix 1. List of irregular verbs and
Appendix 2. Irregular verbs in groups

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