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Unit 33. it …

Unit 33. it … What time is it?
It's half past ten. (10.30)
It's late.
It's time to go home.
Unit 33. it … What day is it?
It's 16 March.
It's Thursday today.
It's my birthday today.
Unit 33. it … How far is it from London to Bristol?
It's a long way from here to the airport.
We can walk home. It isn't far.*
It's 20 miles from our village to the nearest town.
* Use far in questions (is it far?) and negatives (it isn't far). Use a long way in positive sentences (it's a long way)
Unit 33. it … It's raining.   It isn't raining.   Is it snowing?
It rains/snows/rained/snowed.
It's warm/hot/cold/fine/cloudy/windy/sunny/foggy/dark etc.
It's a nice day today.
Compare it and there:
  • It rains a lot in winter. (rains is a verb)
    but There is a lot of rain in winter. (rain is a noun)
  • It was very windy. (windy is an adjective)
    but There was a strong wind yesterday. (wind is a noun)

there is and it is see Unit 31
It's easy/difficult/impossible/dangerous/safe/stupid/
cheap/expensive/nice/good/ wonderful/terrible etc
to …
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