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Unit 26. may and might

Unit 26. may and might
I may go to Paris.
(= Perhaps I will go to Paris.)
Unit 26. may and might
It might rain.
(= Perhaps it will rain.)

may or might + infinitive (may go / might go / may play / might play etc.):
I/ we/ you/ they
he/ she/ it
bracket to table may (not)
might (not)

may/ might = it is possible that something will happen.
You can use may or might:
- I may go to the cinema this evening.
or I might go to the cinema this evening. (= perhaps I will go)
- "When is Kay going to phone you?" "I don't know. She may phone this afternoon."
- Take an umbrella with you. It might rain.
- "Do you think Jack will come to the party?" "I'm not sure. He may." (= He may come.)
- "Are you going out tonight?" "I might." (= I might go out.)
Study the difference:
- I'm playing tennis tomorrow. (sure)
I may play tennis tomorrow. (possible)
- Barbara is going to France next week. (sure)
Barbara might go to France next week. (possible)
The negative is may not or might not:
- I might not go to work tomorrow. (= perhaps I will not go)
- Sue may not come to the party. (= perhaps she will not come)
May I …? = Is it okay to do something?:
- May I smoke? (= Is it okay if I smoke? / Can I smoke?)
- "May I sit here?" "Yes, of course."
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