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Unit 1. am/ is/ are
(спряжение глагола "to be" в единственном и множественном числе простого настоящего времени)

Unit 1. am/ is/ are
I   am (I'm)
he bracket to table is (he's)
she (she's)
it (it's)
we bracket to table are (we're)
you (you're)
they (they're)
I   am not (I'm not)
he bracket to table is not (he's not or he isn't)
she (she's not or she isn't)
it (it's not or it isn't)
we bracket to table are not (we're not or we aren't)
you (you're not or you aren't)
they (they're not or they aren't)

- Can you close the window, please? I'm cold.
- I'm 32 years old. My sister is 29.
- My brother is a policement. He's very tall.
- John is afraid of dogs.
- It's 10 o'clock. You're late again.
- Ann and I are very good friends.
- My shoes are very dirty. I must clean them.
- I'm tired but I'm not hungry.
- Tom isn't interested in politics.
- Jane isn't at home at the moment. She's at work.
- Those people aren't English. They're Australian.
That's = that is There's = there is Here's = here is
- Thank you. That's very kind of you.
- Look! There's George.
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