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100 Questions Answered: Introduction

British telephone booth

If you've ever wondered why Queen Elizabeth has two birthdays (Q76), what a whip does in the Houses of Parliament (Q74), where you can find the rules of cricket (Q24) or just what makes that famous British sense of humour (Q32), look no further!

Here are the answers to 100 of the most common and some of the more interesting questions asked about the United Kingdom around the world.

  1. Facts and Figures (Q1-Q8)
  2. Customs and Traditions (Q9-Q19)
  3. Sports, Leisure, Food and Drink (Q20-Q33)
  4. Tourist Information, Sites and Landmarks (Q34-Q48)
  5. Making Contacts (Q49-Q55)
  6. English Language and Literature (Q56-Q63)
  7. Education (Q64-Q67)
  8. Constitution and System of Government (Q68-Q74)
  9. Monarchy (Q75-Q83)
  10. Etiquette (Q84-Q87)
  11. Britain's Overseas Territories and the Commonwealth (Q88-Q89)
  12. Law and Order (Q90-Q94)
  13. Practical Advice and Useful Addresses (Q95-Q100)

We hope the information here will be useful to anyone who has an interest in the UK and what makes the British the way they are.

100 Questions Answered? is one of a range of publications produced by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for distribution through British Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates.

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