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Unit 66. I like music /I hate examinations
(использование определённого артикля)

Unit 66. I like music / I hate examinations

the (without the)

Do not say “the” for general ideas:

- I like music. (= music in general)

- I like classical music. (= classical music in general)

- We don't eat meat very often. (not “the meat”)

- Life is not possible without water. (not “the life / the water”)

- I hate examinations. (= examinations in general)

- Do they sell foreign newspapers in that shop?

- I'm not very good at writing letters.

Do not say “the” for games and sports:

- My favourite sports are tennis and skiing. (not “the tennis / the skiing”)

Do not say “the” for languages or academic subjects (history/geography/biology/physics etc.):

- Do you think English is difficult? (not “the English”)

- Tom's brother is studying physics and chemistry.

the and the (without the)

- Flowers are beautiful. (= flowers in general)
butYour garden is very nice. The flowers are beautiful. (= the flowers in your garden)

- I don't like cold weather. (= cold weather in general)
but The weather isn't very nice today. (= the weather today)

- Are you interested in history?
but Are you interested in the history of your country?

- Everybody needs food. (= food in general)
but It's a nice hotel and the food is very good.

  Unit 66. I like music / I hate examinations
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