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Unit 44. What … ? Which … ? How … ?

What + noun (What colour … ? / What kind … ? etc.):
- What colour is your car? What colour are your eyes?
- What size is this shirt? What kind of job do you want?
- What make is your TV set? What time is it?
What without a noun:
- What's your favourite colour?
- What do you want to do this evening?
What and Who Unit 42. Questions (2) Who saw you …? Who did you see?
(вопросительные предложения (2)) Which + noun (things or people):
- Which train did you catch - the 9.50 or the 10.30?
- Which doctor did you see - Doctor Ellis, Doctor Gray or Doctor Hill?
Which without a noun (not people):
- Which is bigger - Canada or Australia?
but Who is taller - Bill or Jerry? (Who for people)
Which one(s) Unit 69. one/ ones
We say Which when we are thinking about a small number (perhaps two, three or four things):
- We can go this way or that way.
Which way shall we go?
- There are four umbrellas here.
Which is yours?
Unit 44. What … ? Which … ? How … ?

Use What in other situations:
- What is the capital of Italy?
- What sort of music do you like? (not ‘Which sort … ?’)
- What colour are your eyes? (not ‘Which colour … ?’)
but Which colour do you prefer, pink or yellow?
- ‘How was the party last night?’ ‘It was great!’
- ‘How do you usually go to work?’ ‘By bus.’
How + adjective/adverb (how old / how big / how fast etc.):
- How old is your father? How tall are you? How big is the house?
- How far is it to the shops from here?
- How often do you go on holiday?
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