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Unit 8. I am doing (Present Continuous) and I do (Present Simple)
(Смысловое различие предложений с глаголами в простом и продолженном настоящем времени)

See Unit 3. I am doing (Present Continuous)
See Unit 4. Are you -ing? (Present Continuous questions)
See Unit 5. I do/ work/ like etc. (Present Simple)
See Unit 6. I don't … (Present Simple negative)
See Unit 7. Do you …? (Present Simple questions)
Jim is watching television.
He is not playing the guitar.
But Jim has a guitar.
He often plays it and he plays very well.
Jim plays the guitar
but he is not playing the guitar now.
Unit 8. I am doing (Present Continuous) and I do (Present Simple)

Is he playing the guitar? No, he isn't. (Present Continuous)
Does he play the guitar? Yes, he does. (Present Simple)
Present Continuous (I am doing) - now, at the time of speaking:
Present Continuous (I am doing)
- Please be quiet. I am working.
- Tom is having a shower at the moment.
- Take an umbella. It's raining.
- You can turn off the television. I'm not watching it.
- Why are you under the table? What are you doing?
Present Simple (I do) - in general, all the time or sometimes:
  Present Simple (I do)
- I work every day from 9 o'clock until 5.00.
- Tom has a shower every morning.
- It rains a lot in winter.
- I don't watch television very often.
- What do you ususally do at the weekend?
Do not use these verbs in the present continuous (I am -ing):
want like love hate need prefer depend know mean understand believe remember forget
Use the Present Simple only (I want/do you like? etc.):
- I'm tired. I want to go home. (not I'm wanting)
- Do you know that girl? Yes, but I forget her name.
- I don't understand. What do you mean?
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