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Unit 3. I am doing (Present Continuous)
(настоящее продолженное время)

Unit 3. I am doing (Present Continuous)

- She's eating. She isn't reading.
- It's raining. The sun isn't shining.
- They're running. They aren't walking.
The Present Continuous Tense is:
I am (not) -ing I'm working.
he bracket to table is (not) -ing Tom is writing a letter.
she She isn't eating.
it The telephone is ringing.
we bracket to table are (not) -ing We're having dinner.
you You're not listening to me.
they The children are doing their homework.

See Unit 1 for the short forms 'm/ 's/ 're/ isn't/ aren't
something is happening now

- Please be quiet. I'm working. (= I'm working now)
- Look! Joy is wearing her new hat. (= she's wearing it now)
- Don't go out now. It's raining.
- "Where are the children?" "They're playing in the garden."
- (on the telephone) We're having dinner now. Can you phone later?
- You can turn the television off. I'm not watching it.
See spelling in Appendix 4 (4.3 & 4.4)

come - coming, smoke - smoking, wtite - writing
run - running, sit - sitting, swim - swimming
lie - lying, die - dying

See Unit 4. Are you -ing? (Present Continuous questions)
See Unit 8. I am doing (Present Continuous) and I do (Present Simple)
See Unit 21. What are you doing tomorrow? (Present for the Future)
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