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Unit 26. Other ways of comparing things
(другие способы сравнения)

Words like: as … as, the same (as), like

Main points

1. You use ‘as… as…’ to compare people or things that are similar in some way.You use ‘as’ and an adjective or adverb, followed by ‘as’ and a noun group, an adverbial, or a clause.

You're as bad as your sister.

The airport was as crowded as ever.

I am as good as she is.

Let us examine it as carefully as we can.

2. You can make a negative comparison using ‘not as… as…’ or ‘not so… as…’.

The food wasn't as good as yesterday.

They are not as clever as they appear to be.

He is not so old as I thought.

3.You can use the adverbs ‘almost’, ‘just’, ‘nearly’, or ‘quite’ in front of ‘as… as…’.

He was almost as fast as his brother.

Mary was just as pale as before.

She was nearly as tall as he was.

In a negative comparison, you can use ‘not nearly’ or ‘notquite’ before ‘as… as…’.

This is not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

The hotel was not quite as good as they expected.

4. When you want to say that one thing is very similar to something else, you can use ‘the same as’ followed by a noun group, an adverbial, or a clause.

Your bag is the same as mine.

I said the same as always.

I said the same as always.

If people or things are very similar or identical, you can also say that they are ‘the same’.

Teenage fashions are the same all over the world. The initial stage of learning English is the same for many students.

You can use some adverbs in front of ‘the same as’ or‘the same’.

more or less

He did exactly the same as John did.

You two look almost the same.

You can use ‘the same’ in front of a noun group, with or without ‘as’ after the noun group.

They reached almost the same height.

It was painted the same colour as the wall.

5. You can also compare people or things by using a link verb such as ‘be’, ‘feel’, ‘look’, or ‘seem’ and a phrase beginning with ‘like’.

It was like a dream.

He still feels like a child.

He looked like an actor.

The houses seemed like mansions.

You can use some adverbs in front of ‘like’.

a bit
a little

He looks just like a baby.

Of all his children, she was the one most like me.

6. If the noun group after ‘as’ or ‘like’ in any of these structures is a pronoun, you use an object pronoun or possessive pronoun.

Jane was as clever as him.

His car is the same as mine.

7. You can also use ‘less’ and ‘least’ to make comparisons with the opposite meaning to ‘more’ and ‘most’.

They were less fortunate than us.

He was the least skilled of the workers.

We see him less frequently than we used to.

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