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Unit 21. Adjectives with prepositions
(прилагательные с предлогами)

Main points

1. When you use an adjective after a I ink verb, you can often use the adjective on its own or followed by a prepositional phrase. See Unit 22 for other patterns.

He was afraid.

He was afraid of his enemies.

2. Some adjectives cannot be used alone after a link verb. If they a re followed by a prepositional phrase, it must have a particular preposition:

aware of
accustomed to
unaware of
unaccustomed to
fond of
used to

I've always been terribly fond of you.

He is unaccustomed to the heat.

3. Some adjectives can be used alone, or followed by a particular preposition.

4. Some adjectives can be used alone, or used with different prepositions.

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